Looking for an internship in Copenhagen or Setúbal?

Want to help make it easier for the world's businesses to focus on what they do best?

We’re on a mission. Our destination is a world where companies focus on what they do best. We take care of the rest. For businesses this means no-more wasting hours in PowerPoint

Are you ambitious? We provide an opportunity to learn and grow

Whether you’re in sales, development, marketing, or operations, you’ll get hands-on experience and have a direct impact on the business

Benefits of working with us

Impactful work

Your work is implemented and will have direct business impact


We only care about attitude and results – and reward, hire and celebrate accordingly


You'll work across two offices with more than 7 nationalities, with clients and suppliers from all around the world

Central location

Both our offices are based in the heart of their respective cities, Copenhagen and Setúbal


You’ll learn through real world application instead of academic analysis



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I’ve learned a great deal in my time here and I hope that I’ve helped no-more on the road to world domination!

Emily Bolten, Content writer at Trustpilot

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I loved my time here - especially the short distance from idea to action, it was fun to test my own ideas

Melisa Popanicic, Business Intelligence Student Analyst at PenSam

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I like to code, chug Monster and find solutions to problems. I’m allowed all the freedom I want, providing I get the job done

Martin Petersen, started as an intern, now full-stack developer at no-more

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I love my job. I was born to sell on the phone and here we have a superior product

Sylvester Ehu, started as an intern, now Head of Sales