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Day to day support with various PowerPoint related tasks including board material

Client case summary

  • The client: International Retail Company.
  • The situation: On a daily basis the client faces tight deadlines and a demanding board that requires a professional presentation for every meeting.
  • NoMore's contribution: NoMore provides ongoing PowerPoint support with 80% of projects/tasks being delivered the same day.
  • Hours spent: Around 20 hours per month.
  • Client lead: Head of strategy.

Case details

The client situation

The client has a very professional approach to using the board of directors and top management’s time. Well-planned meetings with a clear agenda and well structured pre-reads are an important part of this approach. As in many other organizations, PowerPoint presentations play an important role in meeting material. With several of the management team coming from consulting backgrounds, the emphasis is on clear, well-structured and well presented communication. This is considered crucial in not wasting anyone's time.

Within the board rooms of large, successful companies, the emphasis is on high quality presentations. Many of the people responsible for the creation of this content come from a consulting background. It is not uncommon for these highly skilled professionals to spend several hours a week working on formatting their presentations.

To support management’s drive for efficient meetings and quality presentations, the client needed a partner to free up senior staff members' time and improve productivity.

NoMore's contribution

NoMore provides several members of the organization with day-to-day PowerPoint support. NoMore’s short turnaround time and “on par with McKinsey” quality provides them with well-known resources for boosting their productivity. At the same time, NoMore allows the client to focus on producing high-quality content, while ensuring that their visual guidelines are met every time.

While many clients agree on most of the elements that make up a good PowerPoint slide, there will always be variations in opinion. To address this challenge, NoMore captures feedback from each client and uses this information to compile a client-specific database of preferences.

Input provided by the client

The input from the client could be anything from an Excel sheet with several tables that need turning into proper, presentable PowerPoint slides, to a board presentation with 100+ slides that needs properley formatting and adjusting to the client’s internal guidelines.

While the input can vary widely, the guidelines provided by the client will almost always be one or two lines of direction, such as “please improve visually”, “ensure proper alignment and fit to template” or “add relevant pictures”.

Output returned to the client

The goal is always to provide the client with slides that are ready to present. 9 out of 10 times this is possible without involving the client in the process. If the team in Copenhagen does not properly understand the scope described by the client, a member of the team will either call or email the client to clarify. The clients are never in direct contact with the specialists on the NoMore platform.

In cases where the instructions could be interpreted in several different ways, the PowerPoint specialists will be asked to develop alternative options (unless the time associated with doing so is substantial).

Impact summary

NoMore’s PowerPoint services have enabled the client to focus on creating excellent content, without having to spend time worrying about the visual quality of their presentations.

As word of NoMore’s services spread, more and more people within the company are using our services on an ongoing basis.

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