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Research of 400 Nordic companies as input to bottom-up analysis

Client case summary

  • The client: Nordic Consulting Company.
  • The situation: The client was considering expanding into a specialized type of service offering, but needed to confirm the potential and outline a specific customer pipeline.
  • NoMore's contribution: NoMore helped identify the top 100 companies in each relevant market and in 3 days gathered relevant information on 400 companies.
  • Hours spent: ~100 hours over 3 days.
  • Client lead: Sales and business development responsible.

Case details

The client situation

The client was considering expanding their service offering into a relatively specific niche, mainly targeted at Nordic Retail companies. The NoMore client lead had recently presented a business case to a group of influential internal decision makers, who were positive about the overall idea. However, the group was sceptical about the high level nature of the business plan, which was based on top-down market assumptions. They had therefore pushed the NoMore client lead to take a more granular, bottom-up approach to assessing the potential.

To address the push-back from the decision makers, the client lead needed to compile information about the most important retail companies in the Nordics - taking into account variables such as the number of stores, use of e-commerce etc.

With a tight deadline and limited internal resources, the client knew that his more junior colleagues would hate taking on such a huge, repetitive task.

NoMore's contribution

The NoMore team in Copenhagen had a good discussion with the client about the potential of taking a more bottom-up approach. From the team’s previous consulting and research experience, the task seemed manageable, but time-consuming - as more than 400 companies would likely need to be assessed, taking up to 30 minutes each.

Before beginning the process, the NoMore team first outlined a dummy template in Excel for the client to approve. This allowed NoMore to ensure that the right variables were assessed and to give a more specific assessment of the time required.

Once the template was approved, the NoMore team in Copenhagen conducted the analysis on the first 3-4 companies to get a more detailed understanding of the time required for each company. Based on this effort a total cost estimate was presented to be approved by the client.

Following this alignment phase, the NoMore talent platform was utilized to gather all the relevant information about the largest 100 retail companies in each of the Nordic countries. As with every project, the execution on the platform was managed by the team in Copenhagen and the output was carefully quality checked before it was shared with the client.

Input provided by the client

The client provided the names of a few must have companies, and an initial idea for which variables to analyse.

The client further approved the final template and the list of companies to be analyzed.

Output returned to the client

A template for approval.

A list of the top 100 retail companies in each country to be approved by the client.

A qualitative summary of observations and potential pitfalls identified when analysing the companies in each country.

A comprehensive Excel sheet containing 15 different variables on the 400 largest retail companies across the Nordics.

Impact summary

By using NoMore, the client quickly got the data needed for further analysis. The time spent by the client was less than one hour combined as all project management was handled by NoMore. The use of the NoMore talent platform enabled the client to execute a 100+ hour data gathering task in 3 days (over a weekend) instead of spending 2-3 weeks internally.


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