Outsourcing Data Entry Services - the Date Entry operator

Benefits of Using Online Data Entry Services

The typical role of a Data Entry operator is to take an unstructured data source and turn it into a well-structured excel spread sheet or database. An online Data Entry operator is typically used in situations when available technology does not allow for automated data transformation, such as website crawlers or similar scripts.

Script for outsourcing data entry services

In today\'s business environment, Data Entry operators are often applied to tasks where it does not make sense to invest time or money in a digitalised solution. Often, this will be when the need for a solution occurs suddenly and the potential future frequency of the task is low. Business professionals in strategy or business development departments often use Data Entry operators to assist in the data gathering phases of projects.

As various studies have shown, over and over again (especially in large corporations), investing in any form of IT digitalization is costly, takes large amount of planning and often results in limited flexibility . For this reason, consultants and business development professionals often prefer to use data entry services like the those offered by NoMore.

There are several benefits to using a Data Entry outsourcing service :

  • Analysis has shown that using an external Data Entry operator could potentially reduce your cost base by more than 67%, compared to even the lowest paid internal resources (in Scandinavia and the UK)
  • Employee satisfaction is highest when the employee is working on meaningful tasks that utilise their individual capabilities. Outsourcing Data Entry allows consultants and business developers to focus on tasks that require a greater deal of cognitive activity, thereby increasing their sense of purpose and job satisfaction.
  • Outsourcing Data Entry provides the extra flexibility needed to handle situations of sparse capacity - thus reducing stress of employees.
  • By getting access to our whole platform of specialists with overnight and weekend capacity, projects can be executed much faster than if executed in-house, enabling consultants and other business professionals to meet their deadlines.
  • How Flexible Data Entry Services can Help Consultants and Business Development Departments

    Whether you are a consultant, business development manager or other business professional, flexible solutions are required to execute projects on time and on budget. The demand to deliver an insightful analysis can arise quickly and access to well structured data sources can sometimes be a limiting factor. A Data Entry outsourcing service like NoMore can help business professionals overcome the cumbersome task of making the unstructured data ready for analysis. Whether the data comes from public or private sources, Data Entry operators can help structure data sources and provide an external perspective on the task.

    How NoMore Enable Ad Hoc Data Entry Outsourcing

    NoMore’s flexible business model provides a modern solution that allows businesses to handle Data Entry effortlessly. Because of NoMore’s large network of specialists, it is possible to find specialists with the optimal set of abilities to deal with a given task. The client simply sends a request with a brief description of the Data Entry task . The Europe-based team then scopes and reviews the request and finds the most suitable vetted data entry expert specialist to handle the task, selecting more than one specialist, if the task requires.

    NoMore Europe based Team Manage the Data Entry Operators

    The scoping of the project is executed by the NoMore team in Copenhagen, Denmark and Setúbal, Portugal. Due to our experience as consultants and researchers we have a good understanding of the potential pitfalls, benefits and risks for different types of projects. As part of the scope, NoMore provides a fixed price for the project, as well as a deadline.

    As the project progresses, we manage all contact with the Data Entry operators involved in the project. Once completed, the team in Copenhagen, Denmark and Setúbal, Portugal conducts a thorough quality assessments of the Data Entry output and writes a short summary of the quality of the data, with considerations to keep in mind when using the output in further analyses.

    ' Data Entry Services City Outsourcing

    Case Example of Outsourcing Data Entry

    A team of consultants (and clients of NoMore) needed to uncover a client’s spending pattern within a certain indirect procurement category. A large set of invoices was obtained via the ERP system, but because of the many different invoice structures, it was not economically feasible to use automated scanning equipment, or attempt to code an automated script. Instead, the consultants chose to use NoMore’s Data Entry outsourcing service to prepare the invoices for structured analysis (linear performance pricing).

    Four of NoMore’s specialists were selected by the team in Copenhagen, Denmark and Setúbal, Portugal to go through the invoices and create a structured excel file with several well defined variables and 500 entries. The data was delivered in a clean Excel format the following morning and thus enabled the consultants to conduct the necessary analyses in time to meet their tight deadline. The consultant’s client was particularly impressed with the extremely fast turnaround time.

    Data Entry Today vs. 20 Years Ago - a Shift in Resources

    The term "data entry" has been well-established for several decades. 20 years ago, employees across the world would carry out tasks like simple registration and banking tasks that today are mainly done by computers.

    Data Entry Services, Outsourcing Time Square

    Today, due to the fast growing amount of new information posted every second, Data Entry is still valid and is certainly an interesting value adding function, though its use and sources have changed. As with our Desk Research service, the increased number of sources of public information can allow business professionals to make better, more informed decisions, much quicker than they did in the past. However, it is not only the volume of data that is growing, but also the structures and complexity of the sources in which it is presented. Due to these constant changes, there is still a lot of value to be gained from having people review the data, instead of relying on new technology, such as data crawlers.

    Data Entry Services that you can trust

    One of the advantages of using NoMore’s Data Entry service is the ability to adjust our model according to the task at hand. Our clients tell us that they keep coming back because they know that we will be able to handle even the most complex data entry tasks reliably and quickly.