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Frequently asked questions

Payment terms

  • What are your payment terms?

    We invoice monthly and accept 14 days of credit as standard, with increased terms subject to negotiation.

  • How are your invoices specified?

    We are very flexible in terms of specifications e.g. projects codes, users, departments etc. We work with each of our customers to meet their specific demands.

  • Can I set a budget for certain persons/projects/departments?

    This is currently not a standard option, however let us know what kind of budget constraint you are looking for and we will do our best to create a setup to match your requirements.

Project submissions

  • How do I submit a request?

    In short, simply send us an email at Our local support team will contact you to clarify any details. We strive to keep our request system effortless, so we don't require you to fill multiple forms.

  • What if I want to see the price before I accept a request?

    As part of our brief on-boarding process, we ask you how you prefer to manage this part of the process. We tailor our service to your preferences, so if you want to approve all requests of more than 50 USD, for example, then that is how all of your projec


  • How do you ensure my deadlines are met?

    We are a global platform with specialists working around the clock across time zones, allowing for very flexible capacity. Our internal support team is trained to scope each task and make sure your expectations are met. In the unlikely event that we are n

  • What happens if you do not meet a communicated deadline?

    Over the last 18 months we have missed less the deadlines less than 0.5% of projects. We know that your deadlines are critical and that and that in order to retain you as a customer - we need to meet your deadline every time. We do not make guarantees or offer refunds, but in the unlikely event that we miss a deadline we normally use our local team in Copenhagen to finalize the project as soon as possible.


  • How do you ensure high quality?

    Our business model is designed to deliver consistent high quality by: 1) Thoroughly screening and testing all specialists 2) Having an internal local support team quality test every single task 3) Only rewarding projects to our top-performing specialist

  • How do you ensure that our internal standards are met?

    As part of our on-boarding process, we make sure your company’s unique style and templates are documented and integrated into our delivery and quality processes.


  • What is the price structure?

    Our pricing is really simple: you pay by the hour for the actual time spent on completing the task. The more you spend with us, the more you will save (see for more)

  • What about subscription or start-up costs?

    There is no subscription fee, start-up fee or any other type of fee - only the hourly rate.

  • What currency and what rate do you use?

    As the majority of our costs are in USD, we also invoice our customers in USD. If you prefer another currency, the exchange rate will be set the day of the transaction based on the mid-market price according to

Terms & Conditions

  • What are your standard terms and conditions?

    The overall conditions will be outlined to you when you begin to work with us. For more details please reach out.

  • How do you ensure that you meet our internal supplier requirements?

    Simply let us know what your requirements are and what it takes to meet them, and we will do the rest.


  • Is it safe to share confidential information?

    In short yes - we apply the most up-to-date web security and have tailored our internal process to limit exposure, including requiring anyone with access to project information to sign strict Non-Disclosure agreements.

  • How do you ensure that specialists do not share confidential information?

    As part of our rigorous test process all specialists must sign a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement, making them liable for any damage or loss resulting from their failure to follow confidentiality protocol. Additionally, our internal processes are tailored

  • How do you ensure that internal staff do not share confidential information?

    Internally we apply three simple rules: 1) You must not talk about customer information 2) You must not write down & disseminate or in any other way share customer information 3) Lack of compliance with rule 1 or 2 will result in immediate termination of

User Account

  • Do I need a user account in order to use NoMore services?

    No - you simply need to email us and we will take it from there.


  • How do you recruit your specialists?

    Each specialist completes a thorough test designed to ensure quality and efficient delivery - 99% of people do not pass this test. Furthermore, we have everyone sign strict NDAs and conduct thorough interviews.

  • Where are your specialists located?

    Our platform is designed to enable specialists from all over the world to register in order to take advantage of differences in time zones.