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Legal, Confidentiality, Cookies


Standard terms

Use of cookies

Confidentiality is one of our core values and is central to everything we do


Everyone working with NoMore signs strict non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) before being granted access to any client related information

Attractive salaries

All specialists working with NoMore are paid above market rates relative to their respective home market

No references

Clients are never mentioned by name, either on websites, sales material or similar, unless we have your express, written permission to do so. We think it's better if you spread the word

No competitor work

To avoid any potential conflict, as a client, you can request that any specialists working on your projects are prevented from working for your competitors

Specialist on-boarding

Each of our specialists is taken through a detailed description of the concept of confidentiality and how to preserve it

No full picture

For projects of 2 or more hours tasks are split among specialists, preventing them from forming a full picture

We believe in a long-term partnership model with our full dedication from day one, but no commitment from you

Standard terms

  • No minimum commitments, subscriptions, or similar
  • Feel free to test our services with small and infrequent projects without making further commitments
  • We can adapt the invoice, specifications etc. to match you and your company's needs and will only send one invoice per month
  • The more examples, templates and illustrations you share with us, the better we can tailor our services to you
  • The hourly price automatically decreases as your volume increases and more people within your organization use our services
Tired of working on boring work

Our cookie usage is restricted to what is obtained via Google Analytics

Tired of working on boring work

Cookie policy

  • We only use cookies as part of the Google Analytics program
  • No personal information is stored in any way
  • We only use cookies to track relevant conversion rates and website functionality
  • Cookies are tracked up to two years
  • Read the official Google Analytics conditions here