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The many benefits of working with a company like NoMore

Using outsourcing services can have tremendous impacts on your company\'s cost base whilst simultaneously improving employee satisfaction significantly.

Outsourcing services are made possible by access to experts in low-cost countries

The substantial wage gap between different regions in the world enables access to highly qualified remote assistance at a lower cost. By having a reliable outsourcing partner such as NoMore, clients can really increase their overall efficiency. It might sound counterintuitive to some, but think about it this way:

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Many employees are paid an hourly rate which reflects the fact that they are responsible for multiple different business areas, each of which have multiple tasks associated with them. By handing over responsibility for certain specific tasks to a specialist who is highly proficient in that discipline, NoMore can free up yours and your employees\'s time, allowing everyone to concentrate on their own area of specialism.

Outsourcing companies can help employees prioritize and focus on their key areas of expertise

Using an outsourcing service such as NoMore enables clients to manage their time more sensibly. The first question any business person should ask themselves when the prioritizing a task should be: Does this task create value for the company? If the answer is yes, then the follow-up question should be: does it make sense for me to execute it personally, or should I be using an outsourcing service? There are only so many hours in the day and your time is precious.

Outsourcing companies can help employees excel at their work

Studies have shown that employees excel when they are working on tasks within their areas of specialism. At the same time, many employees get frustrated when asked to work on cumbersome or repetitive tasks which take up a lot of their time. Using an outsourcing service can help to keep employees energized and enthusiastic about their job, thereby improving overall employee satisfaction.

NoMore\'s unique model for outsourcing services

NoMore’s business model is different from other, more traditional, outsourcing services. Through our talent platform, we have tested and reviewed thousands of specialists across the globe in order to identify the very best candidates within their respective fields.

Hand-picked talents for specific types of outsourcing

The specialists on the NoMore platform have been handpicked for their specific talent. The platform consists of thousands of PowerPoint specialists, most of whom have a university degree and several years of professional experience. Many of our clients compare us to a virtual assistant and use our outsourcing services for various ad hoc, time-consuming tasks.

Outsourcing specialist

NoMore’s Europe based teams ensures effortless outsourcing services

One of the many benefits of working with NoMore is that our clients work directly with the Europe-based teams. Because we communicate with the specialists on your behalf, the time you need to spend on each project is kept to an absolute minimum.

Another significant benefit of working with NoMore’s outsourcing services is our robust quality assessment process: When the specialist finishes handling a client\'s request, all content is carefully quality checked by the teams in Copenhagen and Portugal. This is how we are able to guarantee that only top quality content is returned to our client.

Working with a professional outsourcing company

At We believe that working with a professional outsourcing company should be simple, so we try to keep our services simple right from the start.

  • The client simply sends us a request with a brief description of their requirements.
  • If our companies have a bilateral price agreement then we will give you a price quote of the task which you must accept before we start working.
  • Within minutes of your acceptance, we will have a specialist ready to process your request.
  • Once the specialist completes the task, the quality department in Copenhagen, Denmark and Setúbal, Portugal ensures that the content meets NoMore’s strict quality guidelines and is aligned with the client’s expectations.

We believe that our business model ensures the best possible process, from start to finish.

How business outsourcing increases flexibility

The nature of many cumbersome office tasks is that they seem to come in bundles - often when you are already stretched. This kind of work is rarely something that the organization is tailored to handle, especially in the UK or Scandinavia where employee costs are generally too high to allow for that kind of flexibility.

Outsourcing your services: think of NoMore as your new office assistant.

As anyone who has worked in business knows, sometimes there are just too many things on your to-do list and not enough people (or indeed hours in the day) to complete them. NoMore’s large pool of specialists is like having the perfect office assistant for every job, available at the touch of a button and here\'s the best bit: when you are no longer snowed under, you don\'t have to pay them.

Tiny project? No worries.

Flexibility is one of the many factors which sets NoMore apart from competitors. Our terms require no minimum spend - either monthly, or ad hoc. Because there is no limit to how much (or how little) work clients can send, some clients will send us hundreds of hours of work in some months and nothing in others. It is this flexibility which makes our services so valuable to our clients.

Using outsourcing services to limit overhead costs

While traditional outsourcing or business process outsourcing (BPO) is focused on taking over full functions - finance, payroll, etc. - smodern flexible outsourcing enable an overhead reduction by increasing the bandwidth of existing high skilled white collar professionals. At NoMore, our wide range of services can provide some valuable breathing space, allowing you to postpone that hiring decision, or even reduce the number of less critical assistant positions within your business.

Don\'t stress!

Outsourcing services like NoMore have also been shown to be helpful in limiting stress, which is all too often the result of an over-full to-do list. By giving employees access to outsourcing services, companies can send a clear signal of support, helping to limit stress before it becomes a real problem.

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