Excel Outsourcing Services

What is Excel Outsourcing Conducted by Expert Support Specialists

Outsourcing of excel tasks does not mean the same for everyone and is - in general - not all that well understood (or heavily used) as a service. Some people only require simple styling to an existing excel spread sheet, while others require assistance with building advanced financial models or restructuring of excel spread sheets that have grown too large and difficult to use.

Each of these tasks can easily be outsourced, as long as the right person is found for the task. NoMore knows that knows the ins and outs of ad hoc outsourcing and gives business professionals a chance to increase their Excel-related productivity whenever the need arises.

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Benefits of Using Online Excel Specialists

For structuring and styling of excel documents, using an online excel specialist can provide a lot of value. Online specialists know exactly how to structure and present excel sheets to make them easy to understand and use. The best specialists pride themselves on making the user experience as intuitive as possible. It can actually be an advantage to separate the person building the model from the person who structures it, thereby ensuring that it is universally easy to use and share. In doing it this way, the builder of the model has an easy and affordable way of avoiding the natural bias which is sometimes associated with developing the model.

Even building a medium sized excel model can be an extremely time-consuming task. One of the benefits of applying an outsourcing specialist is that it frees up business professionals’ time to be better used elsewhere. In the majority of cases, business professionals are not dedicated Excel experts and probably only spend a maximum of 20% of their time on model building. NoMore allows the flexibility to assign Excel tasks to a dedicated specialist in that field, without having to employ one full time.

At NoMore, we know that the world is full of people claiming to be Excel experts. However, through our screening of thousands of candidates we have learned that quality and true expertise is rare. At the same time, the true experts are often busy with other tasks and are not available for ad hoc requests. It can be a very tiresome process to find the right person to handle your exact task at exactly the right time.

People in business development are some of the highest paid people in business, so it is crucial that companies are ale to maximise the productivity of these resources. Excel modelling is an ideal task for ad hoc outsourcing, because it is usually something that no-one spends 100% of their time on, even in large organizations, and in order to be utilised to its fullest advantage, it requires an advanced level of knowledge.

Simply by using NoMore, both speed and efficiency within Excel can be substantially increased.

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How NoMore\'s Business Model can enable Outsourcing of Advanced Excel Modeling

NoMore handles all tasks:

  • Excel tasks can be extremely varied. Therefore, it can be difficult to find a person with the right set of excel competencies to complete a specific task. With NoMore, this is not an issue, because of our extensive knowledge about the skillset of each individual specialist on the NoMore platform.
  • We keep track of the specialists’ progress across projects, ensuring that each specialist is only awarded projects that fit their skill set. With traditional outsourcing through freelancers, you would have to find the appropriate collaborator on your own.
  • By choosing to outsource through NoMore, you get a guarantee that your project will only be awarded to prescreened Excel experts, ready to begin working on your task within minutes - so you don’t have to worry about quality, selection or security.

Access to the right Excel Experts - Within Minutes

  • Excel modeling requires a deeper understanding of the customers’ business processes than most other types of ad hoc outsourcing tasks, therefore, ad hoc outsourcing of excel modeling is difficult to achieve without an experienced counterparty that can easily communicate with the customer side and understand their department-specific needs.
  • Because communication and understanding of the task is so important, NoMore is the ideal platformused for outsourcing of excel modelling, as NoMore’s team in Copenhagen and Setúbal consists of experienced business professionals.

Minimise the Time Spent on Communication

  • Traditionally, the communication between a customer and a freelancer takes up a substantial amount of the customer\'s time. This is generally what causes outsourcing to be just as costly as doing the tasks in house, and sometimes even more so.
  • NoMore’s model for ad hoc outsourcing allows clients to spend the absolute minimum time on each project, as the project management and all contact with the specialists is handled by the NoMore team in Copenhagen, Denmark and Setúbal, Portugal, who are trained in understanding and scoping projects. This model ensures that the client get the desired result on every single project, without any surprises.
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Case Example of Outsourcing Excel Modeling

The client is the head of strategy at a rapidly expanding international retail company and is struggling to deliver easy-to-use excel models for cross-departmental use within the company. If the excel models are not well-structured and laid out, the company runs the risk that some employees will not adopt the newly-developed tools in their departments.

The client uses NoMore frequently to restructure and design the layouts of existing excel files to make them as easy to use as possible. Because of NoMore, the developed tools are adopted easily throughout the organization. As a result of this positive experience, the client is looking into furthering the collaboration by using NoMore to handle the excel model building as well as the layout.