PowerPoint Services starting at 19 USD per hour

Pay as you go

35 USD per hour


For small one-off projects without any commitment we offer a pay-as-go solution. The price is higher than the other solutions, but this option has no form of commitment or up-front purchase.


Perfect for

Small one-off projects

Perfect for

Organizations that prefer no commitment over lower prices

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FAQ - Pricing

Common pricing questions

Can I customize my invoice?

Yes. The invoice is split per user so you can track individual hourly usage. We can also split according to project ID or similar.

Is there any start-up fees?


What currency do you use?

We invoice in USD, EUR or DKK depending on the location of your organization. Exchange rates are determined at the day of the invoice as shown on www.xe.com

How long does it take to make 4 slides?

It depends on the content and what you need done. We have made a simple price estimator to help better answer this question - find it on our pricing page

Is there a limit to how many hours we can use in a day?


Is the price per hour higher when fast turnaround is required?

No, customers provide deadlines and we do our best to deliver on time

Can we get separate invoices for different teams or affiliates?

Yes, we can split the invoice according to your requirements

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Credit packages

Credit packages

Pay up-front and get a discounted price

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Reoccuring slide production at a discounted price

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