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Design of new template and ongoing improvement of sales material

Client case summary

  • The client: Young Digital Agency.
  • The situation: The client recently launched their business and had invested in a visual identity without a PowerPoint template.
  • NoMore's contribution: NoMore built a professional PowerPoint template and continue to use it to improve the client’s sales material on an ongoing basis.
  • Hours spent: 8 hours over 2 days and 2-4 hours per month.
  • Client lead: The agency CEO and sales representative.

Case details

The client situation

The client had just formed a team of very promising consultants and product experts across different fields of digital marketing, developed a new concept and devised a sales strategy. However, the client needed a professional PowerPoint presentation that could support their ambitions of becoming an industry leader within a few years.

As part of their start-up phase, the client had engaged a professional design agency to develop a visual identity, logo and company colour palette. However, the design agency had not created a proper PowerPoint template for the client to use.

NoMore’s contribution

After a short discussion between the Copenhagen team and the client, it was decided that NoMore should develop a 10 page PowerPoint template, based on their existing virtual identity.

Through NoMore’s talent platform, a PowerPoint template was developed the same day and returned to the client. NoMore then helped the client to convert their existing sales presentations to the new format - standardizing everything from colors and page numbers to font sizes.

Input provided by the client

The client provided a set of colors and their new logo.

Additionally, a 15 min call with the team in Copenhagen helped to ensure a proper scope.

Output returned to the client

The client received a 10 page PowerPoint template with several possible variations, with a list of frequently used elements and illustration to use in future presentations.

Impact summary

Within 2 days of the initial dialogue, the client received and implemented a new PowerPoint template that fully met their expectations. Since then, several of the clients presentations have been converted to the new template and improved by the NoMore PowerPoint experts.

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