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What is the price structure?

There are three types of pricing: Pay-as-you-go, credit packages, and subscriptions. Pay-as-you-go has no minimum commitment but has a higher hourly rate – 35 USD. The credit package gives full control over the spend, but requires upfront payment. The subscriptions are customized for larger clients that use PowerPoint very frequently and don't want to think about credits.

Why choose the subscription option?

As subscriptions are often combined with a minimum spend you get lower prices, better payment terms and a more consistent monthly spend as unused hours carry over.

What are unused hours?

Unused hours only apply to subscriptions. In case you use fewer hours than you have subscribed to, unused hours will be transferred to the next month.

How long is the cancellation period for subscriptions?

The default terms are: Within the first 30 days you can cancel any time. After the first 30 days the subscriptions agreements have a 3 months cancellation period.

Can I change from credit to subscription? and what happens to my credit?

Yes. Your credits will be converted to unused hours and can be used as part of the subscription.

What happens when credit hours expire?

The credits can no longer be used and you will have to buy new credits to use the service. However you can always a minimum purchase of 10 hours to reactivate all of your credits.

Why choose the credit package option?

You get lower prices, full control over the spend of your organization, and avoid dealing with a monthly invoice.

Can credit hours be shared among the team?

Yes. The credit hours are associated with the company / organization and are always shared among the members.

Can I change from a subscription to a credit package? what happens to my commitment?

Yes. If your subscription is less than 30 days old, you can convert to a credit solution without paying for the committed hours – otherwise you need to pay for the committed hours up front.

Can I bring my credits to a new company?

Yes, but only if you are the manager (in no-more's system) of your organization. If you are the manager of the organization, you can simply change the team name under the profile options as well as relevant accounting information. Note: this change will affect all members of the organization.

Can I customize my invoice?

Yes. The invoice is split per user so you can track individual hourly usage. We can also split according to project ID or other similar accounting references.

Are there any start-up fees?


What currency do you use?

We invoice in USD, EUR or DKK depending on the location of your organization. Exchange rates are determined the day of the invoice as shown on www.xe.com

How long does it take to make 4 slides?

It depends on the content and what you need done. To give you a better idea - check our price estimator by clicking here

How does the onboarding session work?

You can sign up via this link. A project manager will confirm your booking and take you through everything you and your team needs.

Is there a limit to how many hours we can use in a day?


Is the price per hour higher when fast turnaround is required?

No, customers provide deadlines and we do our best to deliver on time. On avg. we delivery within ~8 hours, but often do turnarounds in less than 4 hours.

Can we get separate invoices for different teams or affiliates?

Yes, we can split the invoice according to your requirements.

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