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Investor mapping

Situation: The customer needed a list of relevant investors within blockchain

Approach: A gross list from a database was manually validated and enriched with company information

Deliverable: The list, containing the agreed variables, was presented in the customer’s PowerPoint template

Turnaround: The task was completed in less than 48 hours

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Market overview

Situation: The customer needed a market overview of the ready meals market in Belgium including market size, market shares, growth rates, forecasts and trends

Approach: Statista, Euromonitor and consumer reports were used to provide the requested data. Belgium was benchmarked against rest of Europe to provide context

Deliverable: The customer received a finished PowerPoint presentation with all relevant data along with an Excel sheet containing sources, takeaways from reports and URLs

Turnaround: The task was completed in less than 48 hours

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Lead generation

Situation: The customer needed a detailed market outline containing, among others, a list of potential customers within a well-defined segment

Approach: No-more provided a comprehensive view on the relevant segment using a triangulated bottom-up research approach using databases, trade fair participation and reseller information

Deliverable: The result was a customized database with detailed information of players within the given segment.

Turnaround: The task was returned in less than one week

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Competitor mapping

Situation: The customer needed a description of the main market players and their product pricing within manufacturing of industrial products and equipment. The slides were used as a supplement to a pitch deck

Approach: No-more used a combination of public sources such as company websites, annual reports, 3 party reseller websites and financials from relevant databases

Deliverable: The output was presented in the customer’s template and contained an Excel sheet with sources and URLs

Turnaround: The task was completed in less than 4 days

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Transaction multiple analysis

Situation: The customer needed a peer group of historical transactions conducted in Europe over the last 5 years. Included targets should operate within the “online electronics and/or consumer goods retailers” segment

Approach: The industry segment of the initial gross list of deals was validated by studying the respective company’s website and news articles published at the time of the acquisition. Deals were checked for the availability of the different financial metrics, e.g. revenue, enterprise value etc. and a confirmatory news article

Deliverable: A PowerPoint presentation containing scope, methodology, findings summary and peer output including deal information, target information and multiples

Turnaround: The task was completed in less than 48 hours

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Ad hoc desk research

Situation: Customers use no-more on tasks that varies from finding restaurants for company retreats, to finding reports on air quality and emissions statistics to providing gross lists for target screening

Approach: no-more can handle most tasks where the information can be extracted from public sources or databases

Deliverable: Output can be presented in your PowerPoint template or be as simple as a Excel sheet. The common denominator is full transparency and sources and URLs for all information

Turnaround: Depends on the task but turnaround is usually perceived as fast

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