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The NoMore Edge: How we perform compared to...

... the most common alternatives

All the upside of working with freelancers...

...without any of the hassles normally associated with them

NoMore vs freelancers top/
NoMore handels the questions

We handle all questions once the project has been scoped

  • Executing PowerPoint and other projects can lead to many questions.
  • Our NoMore team in Copenhagen is trained in dealing with the vast majority of such questions.
  • On the average 2-hour project, an average of 3 questions is asked by our specialists.
  • Very occasionally (less than 1 in 5 times), we might need to clarify a question during scoping.

Our clients' preferences are easily managed through our systems and processes

  • With NoMore, you only need to provide your preferences the first time you work with us.
  • When our specialists work on a client project, they have access to relevant files and examples to ensure that your standards are met, every time.
  • Our team in Copenhagen quality checks each project and ensures consistency and adherance to your guidelines throughout.
Always deliver the same high quality
Scope and clarification

We have found the best freelancers out there

  • Across the globe, several million people work as freelancers on a day-to-day basis.
  • While some of these provide a high-quality service at a low price, there are many who don't.
  • Through testing thousands of freelancers, we have identified the best 1%.
  • When you use NoMore, you can forget about the other 99%.

NoMore provides higher quality, lower costs, and better availability...

... than most student workers and interns

Student interns
NoMore is more productive than alternatives

Focus and experience drive higher performance

  • We all know that experience and repetition increase productivity over time.
  • The specialists on the NoMore platform have several years of experience in their field.
  • As a result, the NoMore specialists are much more productive than the average student assistant.

Our specialists don't have exams, holidays or early nights

  • Students can be a great resource of talent - but they still have to study.
  • The specialists on our platform are available around the clock, 365 days a year.
  • The NoMore model gives our clients access to a vast range of talented specialists, whenever they need them - even during exam periods and holidays!
NoMore is always available
NoMore is more afforable

No overhead, pension or other indirect costs

  • While students and interns are not paid a substantial wage - they drive overhead costs like most other employees.
  • When working with NoMore, clients only pay a simple monthly invoice with no strings (or overhead) attached.

You only pay for productive time

  • Like all other employees, students and interns take breaks, check social media and chat.
  • Most companies accept this as part of the package - even if this time limits output.
  • When working with NoMore, you only pay for the actual productive time associated with executing and managing live projects - nothing else.
You only pay for productive time

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