A Professional Alternative to Virtual Assistants And Offshoring

What is Virtual Assistance in an Offshore Outsourcing Context?

Many employees, CEOs and other busy people recognise these problems: 1) there is no way to comply with a given deadline and 2) your lack of knowledge within certain tasks such as PowerPoint presentations is limiting your productivity. The solution to these problems is simple and effective: a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant can do everything a regular assistant can do, providing it does not have to be done in person. Virtual assistants are real people who essentially operate online. Working with offshore assistants can keep labor costs low and allow you to outsource tasks which are relatively simple but often time-consuming.

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Outsourcing tasks to offshore virtual assistants is very common in the business community but many people confuse the terms, thereby misunderstanding the value it can add. Many people are not able to answer the basic question what do outsourcing and offshoring actually mean?

Offshoring refers to the geographical relocation of corporate functions, while outsourcing refers to the organizational things. Outsourcing is the process of assigning a company’s business processes to an external agency – most often a complete function, team or unit. This process is often complex and time-consuming due to large transaction costs, differences in systems and legal conditions. Ad hoc outsourcing is the next level of outsourcing, which focuses on outsourcing certain tasks, rather than the people. Since the focus is on tasks, the complexity is, in general, a lot more manageable. At the same time, ad hoc outsourcing has much more well-defined, generic interfaces that are closely managed by the provider, which again limits the price and keeps the time used setting the service up to a minimum.

Traditional virtual assistants are single individuals serving one or more people from a distance. NoMore takes a different approach by providing ad hoc outsourcing, ensuring that the best available person is selected for the job. In this way, NoMore is able to ensure the highest productivity and quality across all types of tasks.

In general, productivity for business professionals is greatly improved with the addition of virtual assistants, as they help out when out when time is limited and a task needs to be completed fast without compromising on quality.

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The Typical Tasks of an Offshore / Outsourcing Virtual Assistant

If time is limited and you want to improve the efficiency of your business or increase productivity of your highly-paid employees, it can be a good idea to hire a virtual assistant to perform some of your personal tasks. Virtual assistants are useful in a variety of tasks, such as PowerPoint services. Providing you assign tasks correctly, a Virtual Assistant can have a positive impact on your business. NoMore’s virtual assistants have been tested and vetted and are among the top 1% of experts within their field. Some of the most often-requested tasks by NoMore clients include brush of PowerPoint presentations and visual enhancement.

While not something that is currently a focus of NoMore, some virtual assistants may also do some of the following:

  • Blog Maintenance: If you have a blog, you may need help to schedule posts, post updates or reply to comments
  • Social Media Activity: In a lot of medium sized companies, social media amounts to a full-time job. Hiring a virtual assistant can really help your company out, as well as being great for your customers and fans
  • E-Mails: Spending all day on e-mails wastes your time as a founder – a virtual assistant can help out with scheduling of mainstream e-mails, as well as responding and categorising, where appropriate
  • Bookkeeping: Paying the bills can be time-consuming. A virtual assistant can keep the books up to date, pay bills or send client invoices

The Benefits of Using an Offshore / Outsourcing Virtual Assistant

When considering outsourcing, it is essential to fully understand the pros & cons of outsourcing & the reasons why organizations should consider doing so. . From our own experience and research, we know that the main factors are a lack of expert-labor in some parts of the internal business processes and the need to further concentrate on more crucial business processes. In summary, the benefits of using an offshore or outsourcing virtual assistant are:

  • Cost
  • Speed
  • Employee productivity
  • Flexible cost-base
  • Employee satisfaction

Furthermore, as a result of globalization, companies in the Western World have seen a sharp rise in the availability of more affordable labor without compromising on the quality of the output or the speed of delivery. With services such as NoMore, organizations can now access the top 1% of experts across the world with the click of a mouse.

NoMore\'s list of benefits reduces operational and recruiting costs as well as improving revenue realization and enhancing returns on investment. If the need presents itself, a client can have multiple people working on the same tasks within minutes and - since virtual assistants are not employees in the traditional sense - clients only pay for the hours used and don’t have to consider overhead costs.

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The Additional Benefits of Having a Full Platform of Virtual Assistants

It is really quite easy to find a virtual assistant these days, but the quality can vary hugely and good virtual assistants are often busy with many clients. NoMore provides virtual assistants, supported by our highly skilled team in Copenhagen, Denmark and Setúbal, Portugal. NoMore only employs the top 1% of specialists and by providing them with a modern, tailor-made IT platform, NoMore is able to promise high quality, fast execution with substantial flexibility. NoMore\'s unique algorithm ensures that the best specialist is selected for each job.

The NoMore Virtual Assistants are chosen using a list of specific criteria

Like many other organizations, NoMore places a lot of emphasis on finding hardworking people who pay a lot of attention to detail. NoMore uses simple check-list in order to make sure that the people on our platform are the best for the job:

  • Specific Test: The NoMore specialists have to do a very specific trial / test in which they have to solve various tasks and illustrate their high performance, before they are accepted. It is very important that all specialists on the NoMore platform are true experts in their area.
  • English: We expect an appropriate level of English – both spoken and written - for the task.
  • Punctuality: The virtual assistant has to be organized and always deliver on time.
  • Communication: As the virtual assistants need to understand each task based on relatively limited information, it is important that they raise questions early on, in order to avoid using time on non-essential activities.
  • Ongoing Reviews: NoMore always aims to hire virtual assistants who deliver on the clients’ expectations every time and improve with every task. To ensure this, all virtual assistants are rated after each project and only those with a high rating will keep being awarded more projects.

The Typical Workday When Supported by The NoMore Virtual Assistants

Picture this scenario: A sales person enters his office in the morning to find a note from his boss with a brief note, explaining that he has to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the latest product changes, to be ready later in the afternoon. Upon checking his email, he discovers that his boss has also sent him a message with brief instructions, and a few pictures he would like including.

The salesman has a long meeting which is scheduled to go on for several hours, before the meeting with the client in the afternoon. A quick glance at the clock confirms his suspicion: time is too limited for him to create a high-quality presentation on his own. He\'s going to need some help.

He forwards his boss\' email to along with a brief explanation of the situation. 5 minutes later, he receives a confirmation from the NoMore support team, confirming the deadline for 5 hours later. He then goes into his meeting, confident in the knowledge that NoMore will handle any questions from the specialists and deliver his presentation on time.

With 30 minutes to spare, the salesman comes back to his desk to find the presentation in his inbox. Thanks to NoMore\'s Quality Assurance Team, the presentation looks just as he wanted it to. He quickly makes a few minor adjustments to the text and prints it out, before heading to the meeting.

Two hours later, with the meeting over, the salesman returns to his desk. The client is happy, the boss is even more happy and the salesman is able to leave the office at 5 PM.